T-Shirt & Singlet Bags


Ideal for any retail or food-service scenario, out T-shirt bags are available in 15 varieties to keep you product safe and easy to transport.


  • Produced with speed loading headers for easy dispensing
  • 15 varieties and sizes to choose from
  • White, green and blue colour options
  • EPI degradable options available
  • Reusable options

Ask our team about customised T-shirt bag options!

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(L x W + G mm)
002SWSinglet Bags Small White400 x 200 + 100White20 x 2505000
002SBSinglet Bags Small Blue400 x 200 + 100Blue20 x 2505000
002SGSinglet Bags Small Green400 x 200 + 100Green20 x 2505000
002SW-EPISinglet Bags Small EPI Degradable White400 x 200 + 100White20 x 2505000
003SWSinglet Bags Medium White500 x 250 + 120White12 x 2503000
003SBSinglet Bags Medium Blue500 x 250 + 120Blue12 x 2503000
003SW-EPISinglet Bags Medium EPI Degradable White500 x 250 +120White12 x 2503000
003SGSinglet Bags Medium Green500 x 250 + 120Green12 x 2503000
004SWSinglet Bag Large White540 x 250 + 160White8 x 2502000
004SW-EPISinglet Bag Large EPI Degradable White540 x 300 + 160White8 x 2502000
005BSinglet Bag Jumbo Blue580 x 300 + 200White4 x 2503000
005SWSinglet Bag Jumbo White580 x 300 + 200White4 x 2501000