Grease Proof Sheets


PNI’s Heavy Duty Antibacterial Cleaning Wipes are perfect for all food preparation and general cleaning applications. A convenient way to ensure your food preparation areas and other surfaces are kept clean and germ free.


  • Heavy Duty
  • Antibacterial
  • Colour coded for application ease
  • “PNI Tuff”product guarantee
  • Available in five standard colours
  • Perforated on roll for easy distribution

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(L x W + G mm)
WPHD90-BHeavy Duty Ant-Bacterial Wipes - Blue500 x 300BlueOn Roll90 Sheets6 Rolls
WPHD90-BRHeavy Duty Ant-Bacterial Wipes - Brown500 x 300BrownOn Roll90 Sheets6 Rolls
WPHD90-GHeavy Duty Ant-Bacterial Wipes - Green500 x 300GreenOn Roll90 Sheets6 Rolls
WPHD90-RHeavy Duty Ant-Bacterial Wipes - Red500 x 300RedOn Roll90 Sheets6 Rolls
WPHD90-YHeavy Duty Ant-Bacterial Wipes - Yellow500 x 300YellowOn Roll90 Sheets6 Rolls