Specialty Packaging, Liners and Bags


Packaging items often serve a specific and very important purpose where garden variety packaging solutions won’t do.

At PNI, we regularly manufacture special items for clients in the hospital, environmental or hazardous waste removal sectors and for public event environments.

1. Colour-code Bags 

Tough transportation and storage for waste that’s soft on our environment. Choose from a range of bright colours that make it easy to identify and keep track of what each bag contains.

2. Contaminated, Hazardous & Asbestos Waste Bags 

Identification, handling and transport of contaminated or hazardous waste has no room for error. Our stock products are made from extra-heavy duty LDPE to ensure there are no mishaps and to comply with relevant Australian standards. Furthermore, our products are printed with clear, large markings to ensure that the waste is stored and disposed of correctly. Ideal for use in hospitals, care facilities, and on building sites.

3. Stretch Wrap

Stretch wrap is always needed to get your pallets or products from point A to point B. Available in multiple colours and thicknesses, our stock wrap is fit for any need.

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(L x W mm)
FC2281Bin Liner HDPE H/Duty Blue1010 x 770BlueInd Fold5 x 50250
FC2503Bin Liner HDPE H/Duty Purple1010 x 770BlueInd Fold5 x 50250
FC2504Bin Liner HDPE Extra H/Duty Red1600 x 700RedInd Fold5 x 20100
FC2505Bin Liner HDPE Extra H/Duty Green1600 x 1100GreenInd Fold5 x 20100
FC2506Bin Liner HDPE Extra H/Duty Green Epi Degradable1040 x 1040GreenInd Fold4 x 25100
FC2507Bin Liner HDPE Extra H/Duty Purple Epi Degradable1040 x 1040PurpleInd Fold4 x 25100
FC2508Bin Liner HDPE Extra H/Duty Black Epi Degradable1040 x 1040BlackInd Fold4 x 25100
GH78450Y78Lt LDPE ' Con Waste' Bin Liner950 x 780YellowS Fold4 x 50200
CW27250YClinical Waste 27Lt Extra H/Duty600 x 500YellowInd Fold10 x 50500
CW55250YClinical Waste 50Lt Extra H/Duty900 x 600YellowInd Fold5 x 50250
CW130250YClinical Waste 130Lt Extra H/Duty1220 x 860YellowInd Fold4 x 50200
CW240250YClinical Waste 240Lt Extra H/Duty1450 x 1130YellowInd Fold2 x 25100
ASB4200SAsbestos Bag On Roll Small LDPE Printed900 x 560ClearOn Roll1 x 5050
ASB4200LAsbestos Bag On Roll Large LDPE Printed1200 x 900ClearOn Roll1 x 5050
ST50017CStretch Film Hand Clear450 x 500ClearRoll1 x 44
ST50017BStretch Film Hand Black450 x 500BlackRoll1 x 44
ST50023CStretch Film Hand Clear Premium450 x 500ClearRoll1 x 44
ST50023BStretch Film Hand Black Premium450 x 500BlackRoll1 x 44