Grease Resistant Bags


Hot food that’s eaten straightaway – such as hot chips or a cheeky Chico roll – is best served in grease resistant or glassine paper.


  • Grease resistant
  • 100% Australian made*
  • 9 varieties available

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(L x W + G mm)
GL1/2SQ1/2 Square Glassine155 x 140WhiteFlat1000
GL1F1 Flat Glassine185 x 140WhiteFlat1000
GL1SQF1 Square Glassine200 x 165WhiteFlat500
GL1S1 Satchel Glassine185 x 90 + 45WhiteSatchel500
GL2F2 Flat Glassine245 x 165WhiteFlat500
GL2S2 Satchel Glassine245 x 115 + 50WhiteSatchel500
GL2SQF2 Square Glassine200 x 200WhiteFlat500
GL3F3 Flat Glassine245 x 200WhiteFlat500
GL4F4 Flat White255 x 240WhiteFlat500