Square Bottom (SOS) Paper Bags


Free-standing, block-bottom SIS paper bags are ideal for displaying produce, allowing your customers to get “Carried Away”. These bags can be a great advertising tool so we are happy to print with your own branding if you choose to customise.


  • Available in 7 sizes
  • Choose from bleached or natural finishes
  • Perfect for carrying delicate and varied items

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(L x W + G mm)
SOS # 4 W# 4 SOS Paper Bags Brown310 x 152 x 100WhiteFlat Bottom500
SOS # 8 W# 8 SOS Paper Bags Brown330 x 200 x120WhiteFlat Bottom500
SOS # 12 W# 12 SOS Paper Bags Brown340 x 178 x 112WhiteFlat Bottom500
SOS # 12 HD# 12 SOS Paper Bags Brown340 x 178 x 112BrownFlat Bottom250
SOS # 16 HD# 16 SOS Paper Bags Brown390 x 240 x 120BrownFlat Bottom250
SOS # 20 HD# 20 SOS Paper Bags Brown430 x 305 x 175BrownFlat Bottom250
SOS # 25 HD# 25 SOS Paper Bags Brown540 x 355 x 165BrownFlat Bottom250