Produce Rolls


All PNI produce rolls are made from food-safe, high-density material for all your produce packaging and food-service requirements.


  • Perforated on roll for easy distribution
  • 6 varieties and sizes to choose from
  • 100% “virgin”food-safe

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(L x W mm)
PR101536FClear HDPE Flat Produce Roll 15 X 10380 x 255ClearRollctn6 Rolls
PR181236GClear HDPE Gusseted Produce Roll 18 X 12445 x 245 + 100ClearRollctn6 Rolls
PR181236G-EPIEPI Degradable Gusseted Produce Roll 18 x 12445 x 245 + 100ClearRollctn6 Rolls
PR181236SSClear HDPE Produce Star Seal 18 X12505 x 365Clear* Rollctn4 Rolls
PR181236FClear HDPE Produce Roll Flat 18 X 12445 x 360ClearRollctn6 Rolls
PR181236GGGreen Gustted Produce Roll 18 X 12445 x 245 + 100GreenRollctn6 Rolls