Kitchen and Office Tidy Bin Liners


Small yet mighty HDPE kitchen tidies are handy for keeping food-prep areas, office kitchens and bathrooms neat, tidy and smelling fresh.


  • Capacities from 18-36L
  • Available in black, white and clear
  • Made from 100% recyclable materials
  • Perforated on roll for easy application and storage

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(L x W mm)
KT1829W18Lt HDPE Kitchen Tidy Bags - White540 x 450WhiteRoll20 x 501000
KT182918Lt HDPE Kitchen Tidy Bags - Black540 x 450BlackRoll20 x 501000
KT1829C18Lt HDPE Kitchen Tidy Bags - Clear540 x 450ClearRoll20 x 501000
KT20213F20Lt HDPE Bags Bin Liner - Black510 x 510BlackInd Fold10 x 2002000
KT27210W27Lt HDPE Kitchen Tidy Bags - White620 x 510WhiteRoll20 x 501000
KT2721027Lt HDPE Kitchen Tidy Bags - Black620 x 510BlackRoll20 x 501000
KT27210C27Lt HDPE Kitchen Tidy Bags - Clear620 x 510ClearRoll20 x 501000
KT36211W36Lt HDPE Kitchen Tidy Bags - White690 x 590WhiteRoll20 x 501000
KT3621136Lt HDPE Kitchen Tidy Bags - Black690 x 590BlackRoll20 x 501000
KT36211C36Ltlt HDPE Kitchen Tidy Bags - Clear690 x 590ClearRoll20 x 501000