Printed LDPE Poly Bags


For all need and purposes, PNI has a stock print ready for any food related purpose.


  • 21 styles available
  • Multiple colours and custom prints
  • 100% “virgin” food-safe
  • Easily dispensable in our distinguishable in our “PNI tuff”dispenser pack
  • High clarity

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(L x W mm)
FGP1512VL15 X 12 LDPE Vented Lettuce Bag380 x 300ClearDispenser10x 1001000
FGP40005NV500G Net ""Blue"" LDPE Vented"305 x 205ClearDispenser10x 1001000
FGP4001V1Kg Net ""Blue"" LDPE Vented"335 x 230ClearDispenser10x 1001000
FGP4001VB1Kg Net ""Black"" Vented LDPE"395 x 200ClearDispenser10x 1001000
FGP4001VC1Kg Net Carrots LDPE Vented375 x 200ClearDispenser10x 1001000
FGP4001VG1Kg Net "Grapes" Vented LDPE230 + 100 x 275ClearDispenser10 x 1001000
FGP4001VGF1Kg Net ""Blue G/Fresh"" Vented LDPE"330 x 205ClearDispenser10x 1001000
FGP4001VT1Kg Net LDPE Vented Tomato325 x 200ClearDispenser10x 1001000
FGP4002V2Kg Net ""Blue"" Vented LDPE"380 x 250ClearDispenser10x 1001000
FGP4002VA2Kg Net Apples LDPE Vented455 x 265ClearDispenser10x 1001000
FGP4002VB2Kg Net ""Black"" LDPE Vented"380 x 250ClearDispenser10x 1001000
FGP4002VC2Kg Net Carrots LDPE Vented375 x 200ClearDispenser10x 1001000
FGP4003VOR3Kg Net Oranges LDPE Vented455 x 265ClearDispenser10x 1001000
FGP4025KGP2.5Kg Potato G/Fresh Blue LDPE405 x 245ClearDispenser10x 1001000
FGP402KGP2Kg Potato G/Fresh Blue LDPE380 x 230ClearDispenser10x 1001000
FGP403KGP3Kg Potato Gfresh Blue LDPE425 x 250ClearDispenser10x 1001000
FGP404KGP4Kg Potato Gfresh Blue LDPE510 x 260ClearDispenser10x 1001000
FGP405KGP5Kg Potato Gresh Blue LDPE540 x 275ClearDispenser10x 1001000
FGP410KGP10Kg Potato Gfresh Blue LDPE753 x 320ClearDispenser10x 1001000
FGP4LGCELLarge Celery Bag Vented LDPE600 x 200ClearDispenser10x 1001000
FGP4SMCELSmall Celery Vented LDPE600 x 130ClearDispenser10x 1001000