Plastic Carry Bags


Made from high density polyethylene with special material incorporated to allow the bags to stretch under load. Manufactured to international standards.  These bags are not only protect your customers’ purchases, they also care for the environment with our EPI degradable, ACCC approved options.


  • Normal and Environmental EPI degradable options available
  • Manufactured to the highest quality standards
  • 7 stock varieties available for double, treble or large cask/6-pack loads
  • Customisation available
  • PNI product breakage guarantee*

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(L x W +/x G mm)
002BDouble Hdpe Bottle Bag455 x 185 + 55Poly Header12 x 2503000
002B-DEGDouble Hdpe Bottle Bag Epi Degradable455 x 185 + 55Poly Header12 x 2503000
003BTreble Bottle Bag Hdpe455 x 235 + 80Poly Header8 x 2502000
003B-DEGTreble Bottle Bag Hdpe Epi Degradable455 x 235 + 80Poly Header8 x 2502000
003B-LGELarge Treble Bottle / 6 Pack Carry Bag455 x 240 + 105Poly Header8 x 2502000
004BLarge Cask Bag540 x 460 + 160Poly Header8 x 2502000
004B-DEGLarge Cask Bag Epi Degradable520 x 300 + 158Poly Header8 x 2502000