LDPE Gloves


Handy to have around any kitchen, our range of Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) gloves are perfectly suited to general and quick food preparation and service. Available in two colours and three sizes.

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GLV4LDPE-SMLClear Ldpe Foodservice Glove SmallSmallClear200010 x 500
GLV4LDPE-MEDClear Ldpe Foodservice Glove MediumMediumClear200010 x 500
GLV4LDPE-LGEClear Ldpe Foodservice Glove LargeLargeClear200010 x 500
GLV4UNIRhino Unifit Glove LDPEUniversalClear1000020 x 500
GLV4LDPE-SML/BClear Ldpe Foodservice Glove SmallSmallBlue200010 x 500
GLV4LDPE-MED/BClear Ldpe Foodservice Glove MediumMediumBlue200010 x 500
GLV4LDPE-LGE/BClear Ldpe Foodservice Glove LargeLargeBlue200010 x 500