Brown Kraft Bags


If you prefer the look of paper in its more natural state, our Australian-made* brown Kraft paper bags are produced using food-safe paper and forestry certified sustainable sources.


  • Available in multiple sixes with both satchel and flat options
  • 27 varieties available
  • Stock prints available

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(L x W + G mm)
B1F1 Flat Brown195 x 140BrownFlat1000
B1S1 Satchel Brown195 x 90 + 150BrownSatchel500
B1SQF1 Square Brown200 x 165BrownFlat500
B2F2 Flat Brown245 x 165BrownFlat500
B2S2 Satchel Brown245 x 115 + 50BrownSatchel500
B2SQF2 Square Brown200 x 200BrownFlat500
B3F3 Flat Brown245 x 200BrownFlat500
B3FTS3 Flat Tuckshop Printed Brown245 x 200BrownFlat500
B3S3 Satchel Brown243 x 140 + 100BrownSatchel500
B4F4 Flat Brown265 x 240BrownFlat500
B4FTS4 Flat Tuckshop Printed Brown265 x 240BrownFlat500
B4S4 Satchel Brown295 x 122 + 77BrownSatchel500
B6F6 Flate Brown335 x 240BrownFlat500
B6S6 Satchel Brown343 x 152 + 87BrownSatchel500
B8F8 Flat Brown335 x 270BrownFlat500
B10F10 Flat Brown400 x 270BrownFlat500
B12F12 Flat Brown400 x 305WhiteFlat500
BSSBSingle Bread Bag Brown385 x 200 + 95BrownSatchel500
BSLBLarge Bread Bag Brown385 x 240 + 162BrownSatchel500
BSQSPSquare Sponge Brown355 x 305WhiteFlat500
BSQPLSquare Sponge Long Brown335 x 305WhiteFlat500
BSMPZPizza Bag Brown485 x 375WhiteFlat250
BFRCBRecord Bag Brown350 x 360WhiteFlat250
BFSTKSingle French Stick Bag Brown670 x 110 + 50WhiteSatchel250
BFSTKDDouble French Stick Bag Brown670 x 150 + 50WhiteSatchel250
001MMushroom Bag - Printed295 x 155 + 85BrownSatchel500